Business Process Model Resource(BPM)

Company Name:
Job Title: Business Process Model Resource(BPM)
Start Date: 4/28/2014
End Date: 10/31/2014
Location: Raleigh, NC, US
Work Authorization: Citizen / GC / H1B
Our client is looking for a Business Process Model (BPM) Resource.
Need locals who are available for in-person interview.
Job Description:
Project Overview:
Build an end of end process for pricing and negotiation with the clients.
Heavy involvement of various sales and finance teams throughout the process.
Current process is manual and error prone.
Development of highly complicated user interfaces is required to fulfill the needs of our complex negotiation process.
BPM Specific Skill Set:
IBM BPM v7.5/v8.0 experience on Windows & LINUX.
Experience in process Analysis, modeling Business Processes, defining BPD (Business Process Definition), creating Human Tasks/Services, General System Services, External implementation for interacting with custom UI component, Exposing BPM processes as web service, Integration Services, Task Routing and Playbacks, different type of Events, SOA development and process management.
Experience with BPM Server environments and databases, Federated environments, shared infrastructure, clustered environment, migrating process instances.
Preferred experience in BPM Administration to install, configure and deploy BPM assets.
Preferred experience in REST API for process invocation from external components (such as WMB service, UI).
Familiarity with BPM Best Practices and Standards to set the guidelines and standards.
Email : angelin@blackapple-solutions.com

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