Physics Content Specialist - Temporary

Company Name:
WebAssign--the leading service provider for online homework in higher education--is seeking
Physics Content Specialsts to join our team. This is a temporary assignment that will be from 1 to 6 months in length.
The Content Services group is responsible for converting traditional text-based teaching materials (such as homework problems, quizzes, tests, tutorials, and labs) into a feature-rich, interactive web-based environment. Content Specialist I is responsible for performing this conversion while adhering to pedagogy, quality, style, and productivity standards. Content Specialist I should have a bachelor's degree in math, sciences, or a related field and have a strong passion for education and problem solving. The ability to work independently within a highly collaborative team environment is essential to this position.
Roles and Responsibilities
Understand pedagogical intent of teaching materials and translate appropriately into online, web-based content.
Program undergraduate level math- and/or sciences-based content that is complete, accurate, and meets WebAssign requirements for quality, style and functionality.
Learn and apply several programming languages and tools (such as Perl, HTML, LaTeX, etc.) to create content on the WebAssign platform.
Provide regular project progress updates.
Complete assignments according to project schedule.
Review content for accuracy and style.
Deliver constructive feedback to peers as a part of content

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