ETL Developer

Company Name:
Situs Companies
Job Description
Opportunity is located in Robbins, NC
This role is responsible for planning, developing, and deploying the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process for an internal data warehouse. The ETL developer will be responsible for all of the ETL processes adhering to industry best practices in accordance with company standards. In addition, the role will be responsible for participating in and contributing to the design and implementation of the Data Warehouse Model with the Data Warehouse Modeler (DWM). This role will work provide objectives for the Database Administrator as it relates to ETL Development. The ETL developer will be responsible for communicating significant progress / issues with all team members.
Evaluate and document the current state of the data warehouse and report on design and implementation issues at a detailed level.
Plan, Document, Develop and lead all ETL development as it pertains to the internal company data warehouse
Participate in effort to establish company standards as it relates to each stage of the ETL process including naming conventions, processes & practices and workflow patterns
Work with project team on defining the company data warehouse data model; best practices; implementation standards, conventions.
Adhere to company policy on change control; implementation plans; documentation and DR requirements
Work to achieve project objectives in line with project plans; report to mid or upper level management on progress; identify risks and/ or obstacles; plan, prioritize and administer tasks to meet timelines
Mentor, lead project team members as dictated by project manager
Work closely with Data Modeler on clarifying data model requirements and understanding load objectives
Work closely with business analyst(s) and business sponsors to clarify data elements for all operational systems in order to understand necessary transformations.
Required Skills
Excellent written, verbal, electronic communication and people skills
Ability to work independently but collaboratively within a de-centralized project team keeping project and team goals as the focus.
Ability to prioritize and meet multiple deadlines
Ability to work in a fast paced, demanding environment
Strong commitment to governance and building technology in accordance with industry standards
Required Experience
Minimum of 8 years' experience with ETL with at least 3 years in a lead role or leading a team.
Experience participating in data warehouse data model design and implementation.
Experience working directly with business analysts or business sponsors clarifying business details.
Experience evaluating existing data warehouse implementation, architectures and processes
Job LocationRobbins,
north carolina
, United StatesPosition TypeFull-Time/Regular

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